AVI Neutron V

AVI Neutron V

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AVI Neutron 5 Reflective Black



AVI has a passion for miniature speakers, properly designed, as are Neutron 5’s; they often give far better results than much larger and more expensive ones. They are also easier to accommodate and cost less because smaller boxes are cheaper. Most of us need or prefer smaller speakers.

Twelve years ago we introduced the original Neutrons. They were a big improvement on our “Reference” LS3/5A’s but sounded similar. They had very good reviews and sold surprisingly well but we weren’t overly confident so we re-designed them as NuNeutrons. These were improved to become Neutron III’s and eventually, improved again to become the Neutron 5’s. Thanks to almost all the Hi Fi magazine, Neutrons are an established reference and have sold in thousands and continue to do so. Users include small classical record labels, Film scoring mixers, broadcasters, composers, critics and thousands of Hi Fi and Music enthusiasts the world over.

Technical description
The Neutron 5’s comprise of a five litre, ported enclosure, fitted with a 125mm doped paper mid/woofer and a "top of the range" 25mm fabric domed tweeter. The small loss of sensitivity involved with this type of drive unit is more than offset by the greatly reduced distortion/colouration that they offer. The crossover is textbook second order and uses massive Ferrite cored inductors and polypropylene capacitors. Internal cabinet resonances are damped by a measured quantity of acoustic wadding. 


Size H X W X D 265 x 140 x 205mm
Bass Drive Unit 125mm doped paper 25mm voice coil
Tweeter 25mm doped silk composite
Crossover 12dB/Octave Linkwitz-Riley
Sensitivity 87.5dB/W/M
Amplitude response +or- 2dB 100Hz to 23kHz
Bass response -6dB @ 65Hz
Amplifier range 30-150 Watts
Finish Black piano lacquer

The size of the Neutron 5 means it can be tucked away
in discrete places

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