AVI sub 10"

AVI sub 10"

Productnr.: A-sub10 (Uitvoering: Satin Black, Kleuren: Black ash)

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AVI sub 10"
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AVI 10" Subwoofer


Beschikbaar in Satin Black of Gloss White

Perfecte match voor de AVI ADM9 actieve monitor speakers, maar ook in elk ander systeem!

Active speakers produce “tighter”, better-defined bass than passive speakers because there’s no crossover to neutralise the damping effect of the power amp. This helps to clean up the mid range. It takes a short time to realise it’s better and that there’s actually lots of bass – it’s just less distorted. But some still feel the need for a Subwoofer. 

ADM9s have sold incredibly well, their success has been unprecedented and most customers are more than happy with them as they are. However, for movies and certain types of music, some of you have said you’d like a Sub. So we’ve produced one and it’s very special too.



The Sub comprises of a single 35 litre box measuring 34 x 43 x 36 HxWxD cms containing a very heavy duty 10” drive unit and a special version of our 220 watt V2 power amp. So no Class D cheapie! It is adjustable for a wide range of applications including the low frequency effects channel of an A/V processor, but is intended primarily for ADM9s where the extra headroom over most subs is needed. ADM9s play louder than conventional speakers without distorting.

There is a big difference between the AVI Sub and the ordinary commercial stuff. The trouble is that we charge so little, people think we're a cheap alternative!

Our subcontractor www.ls-design who designed and who manufacture the Radio head for Bentley (it's a Naim) also designed and manufactured all the Rel and MJ Acoustic subs and are currently doing one for ATC. This gave us an exceptional knowledge base from which to progress. We decided that there would be no point in making a clone of the dozens of others out there, most of which suffer from not enough money being spent, so ours is a monster with 10" driver of immense proportions in it. It claims to be the most powerful in the world and it's connected to one channel of our V2 power amp, so it is driven by a 220 Watt 50 Ampère bipolar amplifier and the whole lot weighs a massive 35 kilos.

It is not like other subs, not even pro audio ones and it is very powerful.
For a start, the bass driver weighs about 12 kilos and has an enormous 80 mm voice coil!

Nobody understands bass in hi-fi, they know that speakers boom, they think ADM9.1s are bright but they are not and they assume that if two speakers of the same size appear to have different amounts of bass, one goes lower than the other. It doesn't, it's just more distorted and nowhere is this problem worse than with Subwoofers. They are often very cheaply made, often don't have proper amplifiers and usually don't have drive units with enough linear travel to be anything like accurate enough with the large excursions necessary in Sub Woofers.

We tried a few and were appalled, so we designed one specially. It costs more, but it does a better job and you can prove that by turning it up too loud. The bass is still pretty good, just louder than it should be. Most just drone and drown everything. 

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