AVI sub 18"

AVI sub 18"

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AVI sub 18"
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AVI 18” subwoofer kersen (demo model) 

Deze actieve Sub Woofer is ontwikkeld voor gebruik bij de gesloten 3-weg systemen, de AVI Trio en Brio. Maar is natuurlijk ook toepasbaar in andere topklasse twee- en meerkanaals systemen en professionele toepassingen. De Subwoofer is compromisloos gebouwd voor een zo accuraat als mogelijk zijnde basweergave.

Driver: 18 inch Volt radiaal
Bas response: -3dB @ 21 Hz
Crossover: 100 / 80 / 60 / 40 / 30 / 20 Hz
Versterker: 800 Watt RMS analoog
Peak to peak excursion: 50 mm
Ingangen: LFE / Lijn / LFE + Lijn
Uitgangsniveau regeling: LFE / Lijn
Fase: 0° / 180°
Afwerkingen: Cherry, andere op aanvraag
Afmetingen: 55 cm (H) x 55 cm (D) x 85 cm (B)
Gewicht: ca. 150 kg
Bas driver: Volt loudspeakers

The fact is that most Subs have too small a drive unit in too small a box with too little power and it makes them almost impossible to integrate into a Hi Fi system – hence reviews often state their suitability for movies, thus implying problems with music.

There is only one way to produce accurate and well-controlled bass and that is by using an immense amplifier and bass driver in a properly designed enclosure. This is because sensitivity reduces with frequency so even big ones need more amplifier power if they are to equal the output of the main speakers at higher frequencies. Smaller Subwoofer drive units have high levels of distortion so that you end up constantly fiddling with settings to get them to suit different program material. One minute awesome sound effects and the next voice is virtually unintelligible because it’s being “smeared by bass!” It doesn’t help that many manufacturers do not design complete systems and have little experience of seamlessly integrating the things!

AVI’s 18” Subwoofer uses a high sensitivity, professional drive unit in a correctly aligned enclosure that has 50mm peak to peak excursion and an amplifier that gives up to 800 watts, distortion is exceptionally low and frequencies down to 20Hz (or even lower) are reproduced with remarkable accuracy, power and control. In fact they are so well controlled that levels can be set far higher than they should be without having any discernable impact on voice or higher mid range information. This is an extremely versatile subwoofer and it usefully enhances all types of music and film sound effects, even at levels required for professional monitoring.

This very large Subwoofer will be built to order and is primarily intended for use with either our Brios or Trios, however because it has exceptional performance, it can be used as a means of assessing a smaller 10” model that will be volume produced. If you know what something is supposed to do, it is much easier to make sure that a smaller one betters its competitors. This is to be announced shortly. 



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