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Productnr.: DM10
Prijs is inclusief BTW, plus leveringskosten
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The DM10s are introduced to replace the now discontinued ADM9RS. These have been comprehensively discussed in the Facebook Groups and on the AVI Forum for those who would like to know more.

DM10s have the same appearance and facilities as ADM9RS, but use new, and more expensive, specially designed drive units and redesigned electronics with 8th order crossover filter. These give a quite a dramatic improvement in smoothness and clarity as well as greater precision to the stereo image.

AVI started a revolution eight years ago, it has been a tremendous success for us. Our first efforts benefited primarily from being active and having less intrusive crossovers and better driver control. Now Sinar Baja who design and build our drive units have designed much better ones regardless of cost and to take advantage of the superior performance possible from active speakers.

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